About Jeannie

I am fairly new to the world of photography although 5 plus years is no longer considered new. I guess I could say I have always had a creative side in me but never knew exactly what form of creativity it was until the birth of my granddaughter, Abigail. From the first photographs of her on the day she arrived in this world, I knew from that moment on, photography was my passion and I believe it shows in my work as well as from those whom I provided the perfect photograph. It’s all about capturing the moment and creating a memory.

I love traveling to new and interesting places, meeting new people and learning about personal interest and what makes this world so amazing. I hope to one day, travel to Europe, pictures cannot express the excitement and sounds that fill the air during a fall festival or the smells of a hometown bakery of freshly baked bread.

I have an amazing spouse who supports me in this endeavor, being there when I need an honest opinion or just to compliment me on a completed session. I believe it is important to have the support of family and to know they have faith in you because it shows in your final results and when you can walk away from a session, knowing the best is what you put into your work, then that is when you know the work speaks for itself.